Easton Kilo 2P Field Test

Easton Kilo 2P

We got a chance to test out the Easton Kilo 2P tent a few weeks ago on a weekend backcountry spring bear hunt. The Kilo 2P tent shape/design is a noticeably similar design featured in some of backpacking’s top tent manufactures (Big Agnes FlyCreek, Marmot Eclipse, Mtn Hardware Supermega).

The Kilo 2P features a U-shaped arch front with a single arching pole forming the spine of the tent. The efficient/simplicity of the design with carbon fiber poles allows for ridiculous weights. The tent in my pack with what I needed to set it up was an incredible 2.5lbs!  I have not torture tested the strength of the tent completely, but it feels extremely strong and if you pitch the tapered foot of the tent into the wind it will cut like butter minimizing wind shake and noise! Even in the light to mid winds, we experienced on our trip I noticed how well the tapered design minimized the wind.

Inside the tent, at 6ft tall I was able to sit-up in the tent with plenty of headroom. The two-person rating, like all of these tent manufactures, was a stretch. It made a perfect one-man tent with ample room to spread hunting gear, etc alongside your sleeping system. The vestibule was plenty big to cover my Eberlestock Blue Widow pack and boots. Like other similar ultralight tents, the Kilo 2P breathed extremely well and condensation was no issue.

Overall I was very impressed with the tent. These lightweight tents feature minimalist design so the lacking features were expected (when comparing to say a Hilleberg NALLO 4 GT tent) This tent will be my go-to tent for solo trips or when I am wanting just a single man tent.


First Lite Merino Wool Llano Hunting Shirt

The First Lite Merino Wool Llano (pronounced like “Yano”) is another Linton Outdoors Favorite. It’s a great fitting lightweight shirt. The Llano is available in a long sleeve or short sleeve. We have been using a pretty successful system of using the short sleeve llano for hiking in during warmer weather and then switching to the long sleeve llano when we drop base camp. It feels great to the skin and breaths/dry’s quickly and without odor. The odor control is what is impressive about this shirt. We have worn this shirt 3 days straight in the backcountry and had no problems with odor. The only thing we have noticed is that when you get it sopping wet it tends to smell like a wet dog. Luckily it drys out quick! The days of polyester hunting shirts are over for us here at Linton Outdoors. Unless you are one of those magical hunting guys who don’t sweat or smell ever (I have one of those hunting buddies) you need to add a First Lite merino hunting shirt to your system, it’s a purchase you won’t regret!